Below are some helpful tips & tricks on how best to tackle some cleaning jobs around the home:

Vehicle Cleaning

A standard pressure washer jet will usually do the job, but you can greatly increase your efficiency and performance by using an accessory suited for the job when cleaning your car. Here are some tips:
Using detergents reduces your cleaning time as the chemical reacts with the dirt and loosens it before you wash it. Detergent can be sprayed across your car easily with one of our foam jets. We recommend the FJ 10.
Some areas such as under the car wheels or on top of the roof can be tough to reach. You can use a Vario Joint Connector to change the angle your lance can work with, giving you more access to those tough to reach areas.
Wash brushes with gentle bristles can also be attached to your pressure washer so you can scrub the car at the same time you are pressure washing. Our WB 120 Wash Brush is great for doing this.

Pavers, Decks & Driveways

Large open areas can take some time to clean if you are using a standard lance. However, there are some ways you can speed up the process and still achieve the same cleaning result.
We highly recommend using a surface cleaner attachment when cleaning large open spaces. These increase the width of the surface being clean at any given time, meaning the process becomes quicker.
Pictured to the right is our T7 Surface Cleaner which is great for cleaning large areas. Another option is our PS 40 Power Scrubber.
If you do not have a surface cleaner, cleaning these large spaces can still be achieved efficiently with a Kärcher Pressure Washer. Kärcher actually has patented nozzle technology which allows you to clean a wider surface area than our competitors!

Mossy Paving

Moss not only forms thick layers on paved surfaces, but remains in the pores of paving stones. Here are a couple of tips for best tackling mossy surfaces with your pressure washer:
Use a pencil jet which produces water in a more concentrated area to increase the power. The Kärcher Dirt Blaster range are an example of pencil jets. If you have a K2 or K3, our DB 120 Dirt Blaster should be used. If you have a K4 or K5, our DB 145 Dirt Blaster should be used and if you have a K7, then our DB 160 Dirt Blaster should be used.
Hold the pencil jet vertically to the paved surface and slowly clean from one edge to the others.
Clean from a distance of around 20cm-30cm.

Pressure Washer Cleaning Agents

The new generation of Kärcher cleaning agents is creating quite a stir with their 3-in-1 active principle. As well as perfect cleaning effect, these new multi-talented products provide gentle care and reliable protection, saving the operator lots of time and effort. By using renewable and natural resources, Kärcher is also placing an even stronger emphasis on sustainability. What’s more, the smart bottle design is a winner too. Whether it is for connection (Plug ‘n’ Clean), for filling the detergent tank or as a container for suction via the detergent suction hose, the new detergents are universally suitable for all Kärcher pressure washers.
In our cleaning agent finder you will find the right cleaning agent for your Kärcher pressure washer.


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