INGERSOLL RAND 20V Grease Gun Skin LUB5130

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Ingersoll Rand’s cordless grease gun LUB5130 takes the burden out of stubborn cords and air hoses, with its high-charge capacity makes it the ideal to grease fittings from the shop to out on the field.

Manufactured specially for overall automotive repair facilities maintenance and general industrial, this cordless grease gun was built for professionals that need a durable long-lasting tool.

It also features a lightweight, ergonomic handle design for greater comfort during prolonged use.

  • Optional shoulder strap hook: gives additional flexibility and support for better control
  • Impact  & chemical resistant housing: Protects against fluids, chemicals and repeated drops
  • Standard 30” hose: Helps operators access tight spots and improves reach
  • Easy 3-way load system: Helps operators access tight spots and improves reach
  • Extra resilience: High power, long life motor and all-metal drive train gives a reliable power performance
  • Work with greater comfort and less fatigue: Its ergonomic handle with over-moulded grip reduces vibration for extended periods of use
  • Get more done in less time: with the combination of operating pressure and run time provided by powerful motor and lithium-ion battery technologies


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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm