Karcher BDP 50/1500C ANTHR 1.291-141.0

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Automatic contact pressure

  • The pad drive board is spring-mounted. The contact pressure is automatically regulated for consistent polishing results.
  • The pad maintains optimal surface contact and follows any floor unevenness.

Integrated vacuuming system

  • The guard ensures that polishing dust stays under the machine. The dust is collected in the dust container by passive vacuuming to reduce dust impact while polishing.
  • Any dust collected is easy to empty the filter bag is reusable.

High polishing speed

  • 1,500 rpm for perfect polishing results.

Integrated wheel mechanism

  • good directional stability; does not break away to the right or left; easy to handle


  • The compact BDP 50/1500 C is extremely manoeuvrable.

Motor with belt drive

  • Whisper quiet.

Mains operation

  • Long/uninterrupted work intervals

Pad driver plate with centre lock

  • Secure and centred pad fixing.

Central wheel

  • For cleaning right up to edges – also forwards.

Scope of Supply

  • Mains operation
  • Dust suction
  • Drive board with centerlock


The BDP 50/1500 C has impressively compact dimensions and is very easy to manoeuvre thanks to its central auxiliary impeller. With a rotational speed of 1500 rpm, the device delivers brilliant polishing results. Simple control elements guarantee intuitive handling. The rotating guard prevents dust from swirling around. Dust is collected in a 1-litre, recyclable fabric filter bag by the passive suction system. The machine does not drift off course and enables travel in a straight line on a consistent basis, meaning maximum productivity. The adjustable handle guarantees a comfortable working height and can be folded to save on storage space. The trigger prevents the machine from being started up unintentionally – the device stops as soon as the handle is released. The floating pad driver plate automatically adjusts itself to the surface below. It is spring-loaded and guarantees optimum contact pressure. The optional spray-cleaning attachment kit ensures that cleaning agents are only sprayed where they are needed.

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 100 × 60 × 60 cm