Makita 2 Stoke Engione Oil 4L G-02004



The Makita 4 L 2-Stroke Semi Synthetic Oil is specially formulated to outperform the JASO FD, lubricate and initial torque requirements. It offers outstanding performance across the breadth of applications and is perfect for chainsaw as well as power cutter applications. This low ash oil efficiently avoids plug fouling, exhaust port blocking and catalyst compatibility in service. Self-mixing oil insisted to be use at the fuel/oil ratio according to engine manufacturer guidelines.

  • Suitable for chainsaw and power cutter applications
  • Formulated to exceed lubricate and initial torque requirements of JASO FD
  • Capacity of 4 L
  • Offers improved performance in chainsaw and power cutter applications
  • Self-mixing and semi-synthetic oil produces low smoke and ash
  • Recommended not to be used in water-cooled outboard engines
Part No G02004
Barcode 9317340001293
Brand Makita

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm