Makita PH2 x 75mm Impact XPS Power Bit E-18649




  • PH2 x 75mm 15 Pack of Power Bits
  • Exact Fitment
  • Precision machined bit tips engineered to fit screws with minimal variance, thereby minimizing wear on the bit and screw.
  • This helps prevent premature tip wear and the screw head from stripping.
  • Pulse Torsion Ring and Zone
  • Pulse torsion rings are specially engineered to disperse impact energy through the torsion zone and direct to the bit tip. The torsion zone has been optimized to flex under load to transfer impact energy for improved bit life. The length combined with diameter of the bit, is a special formula to create an optimized torsion zone. This engineering works together for longer performance life.
  • Unique Steel Blend
  • The unique carbon alloy steel composition of the XPS range is engineered for increased durability of the bits for longer life as well as minimizing premature damage of driver tip.

Additional information

Weight .200 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm