Peerless PS3-8 Single Phase Scroll Air Compressor



Serious air flow – Best performance: 320L/min free air. Oil injected scroll delivering performance with a 99% duty cycle – the best you can get on single phase power (15A plug).

Code HP / KW PSI / BAR Free Air Delivery
Dimensions (LxWxHmm) Weight Single phase
Tank Capacity (L)
PS3/8 3HP / 2.2KW 116PSI / 8 Bar 320 / 11.3 1090x380x1110 125kg 15A 110L

Technical Data

temp (°C)
Driving type dBa (+/-2) Outlet
Electricity Amps draw
(Full load)
Air cooled Ambient
temp +15°C
Direct driven 65 1/2″BSP 230V 13.3A

Compared to a Piston Air Compressor, this Scroll Air Compressor has a 99% duty cycle that enjoys to be worked hard, where a Piston Air Compressor requires a duty cycle. Along with being able to work harder than a piston, this delivers 320 litres of air (Free air delivery measured at 8 Bar/116PSI). This makes this well suited for spray painting, breathable applications along with medical equipment operations with further filtration* and much more.

With this air flow from the Peerless Scroll its equivalent to a 3 Phase Piston Air Compressor giving 545 litres per minutes that require a duty cycle, now that’s some serious air!

The overall size of the air compressor is also impressive, fitted on top of a 110L tank measuring at 1090MM X 380MM X 1110MM. This makes it one of the most compact air compressors. When in operation it is also very quiet. The electronic controller does and shows you all the information you need. The controller will also show you the service intervals and alarm when a service is required. This is critical to keeping your air compressor in top shape. As mentioned, being 15A power supply, you will need to have the correct power supply, as power is critical in the performance of any air compressor. Any voltage drop will still cause capacitor failures or motor burn outs, so check that you have suitable power. If you are unsure talk to your Peerless specialist team.

Peerless Products are a professional wholesaler that distribute their products through a dealer network. They provide you local expert advice and support backed by Peerless Products. We pride ourselves on aftermarket support and service partnered with our platinum dealers. This is so you have a physical “go to” for any support required. Having that local touch of a “go to” that support you and your business enables that extra bit of confidence when purchasing a Peerless branded air compressor.

Additional information

Weight 125 kg
Dimensions 110 × 40 × 120 cm