DAB Swimming Pool Pump – DAB-EUROSWIM200M

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Technical Specifications

Brand DAB Pumps
Product Type Pool Pump
Hp 2.0 Hp
Kilo Watts 1.5
Max Flow (L/min) 600
Max Head (m) 18.6
Volts 240 V
Pack Weight (KG): 25


DAB Swimming Pool Pump

1.5kW, 2.0hp, 240V, max hd 18.6m, max flow 600L/m
Ports 2″ BSPF and sockets suit DN40, DN50 PVC


  • Energy Saving – high performance with low energy consumption
  • Noiseless (60 DBA) – Silent running
  • Reliability – Corrosion resistant materials for a long life even at extreme conditions
  • Easy to clean – easy-to-open transparent cover for quick cleaning of the filter

High performance self-priming centrifugal pump with built-in pre-filter for the circulation of swimming pool water (including salt water) for residential and domestic environments. Quiet and reliable.

  • Suitable for Salt Water swimming pools
  • High efficiency hydraulics
  • Highly reliable and durable components
  • Small size for easy installation