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The EM 40 is the flagship of Excision’s Magnetic based drill range. With 40mm capacity and advanced safety features, this is the machine for industrial workloads. Double height adjustment allows a broad range of applications including the use of a standard 13mm chuck and jobber drill.


  • 2 Coil 9,000N Magnetic adhesion for industrial use
  • Spring loaded guides for rigid gliding and reduced vibration
  • Height adjustable slide enables an increased range of applications including standard twist drills
  • Smart start feature protects the motor to increase longevity
  • Direct Weldon arbor type spindle for use with all 19mm shank core drills
  • Durable touch pad for ergonomic use
  • Hybrid relays to protect circuit board from voltage spikes
  • Integrated coolant system to increase the life of your core drills


Drill Features and Specifications
Core Drill Dimensions 12.0-40.0mm
Cutting Depth 50.0mm
Twist Drill 1.0-13.0mm
Counter-Boring 10.0-40.0mm
Arbors Quick-Release Chuck
Stroke 129mm
Height Adjustment 86mm
Gearbox-On-load Speed 450rpm
Power Consumption 1,100W
Voltage 230V 50/60Hz
Tool Force (10mm)/Magnetic Adhesion Strength 2,100N/9,000N
Magnetic Base 70×185mm
Weight 11.5Kg

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 40 cm