Hyundai 6.8KVA Petrol Generator HY7000LK Open Frame

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The Hyundai HY7000LK is a single phase, open frame petrol generator which produces an impressive 5.5kW.

Powered by a 15hp Hyundai IC425 engine, the HY7000LK is designed for heavy duty work and is more than suitable for use on construction sites and industrial environments.

Product Description – 6.8kVA Hyundai HY7000LK
The Hyundai HY7000LK generator set with petrol engine is designed to work in the most demanding conditions. It is a high performance tool to which any use can be applied, both professional machinery and more delicate electronic devices.

It is used in camping, places where there is no connection to the electrical network, reforms, nautical, motorhomes, energy source for country houses and pumps for wells. Its high power makes it the ideal complement for professionals who need a portable power source and guarantees to work with high performance and consumption machines.

Its application as a complement to the solar installation is due to energy needs in times of energy deficit, these cases can happen in long periods of bad weather, or extraordinary situations of high energy consumption. The Hyundai HY7000LK is an ideal complement to support the photovoltaic installation, a great choice that offers guarantees, effectiveness and efficiency and guaranteed by a great brand recognised worldwide as is Hyundai.

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Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 70 × 55 × 60 cm