Hyundai 8KVA Generator 2 Wire Remote DHY8700SE-LRS

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Product Description – 8kVA Hyundai DHY8700SE-LRS

The built-in low alarm and automatic shutdown keeps the generator safe during operation ensuring the engine is protected at all times. The canopy has a large hinged access panel to make routine maintenance and inspection much easier and is mounted

This range has a wide range of custom options to suit your application including:

• Domestic Standby
• Residential/Commercial emergency power
• Off-Grid Solar Back-up power

* Please note this is not suited for Prime Power

Model: DHY8700SE-LRS

2 Wire Remote

Engine: Hyundai D500E OHV

Max Power Output: 8 kVA

Fuel Tank Capacity: 25 litres

Outlets: 2 x 15 Amp 240V; 1 x 32 Amp 240V RCD

Dimensions: 92 X 52 X 82 cm

Weight: 176 kg


1 year / 500 hours whichever comes first

The Hyundai DHY8700SE-LRS is a single phase diesel generator, with a large 25 litre long range tank, it provides longer run times between refueling. Providing 13.5 hours of run time @75% load. The compact size and clean power output makes it a reliable source of backup electrical power for your business or home.

Additional information

Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 120 × 80 × 90 cm