INGERSOLL 20V Impact Wrench KIT W9491-K4E-AN

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Product Description


  • Introducing the world’s most powerful extended anvil 1″ cordless impact wrenches: the W9491 & W9691 from Ingersoll Rand
  • Get up to 4000 Nm of nut busting torque with 100% mobility from the market leader in 1” impact wrenches. This powerful cordless impact wrench combines the power of air with the freedom of cordless mobility. Give yourself the ability to move about freely around any job site where space and maneuverability are at a premium
  • With its quick setup and no hoses to trip over, the heavy duty W9491 & W9691 1” cordless impact wrench promotes better safety and efficiency. Ingersoll Rand innovation ensures balanced weight, ergonomic D-handle with 360 degree auxiliary handle, and protected IQV20 battery configuration with power for a full day’s work


  • Power
  • With the Ingersoll Rand 1” cordless impact wrench, you will always have over 4,000 Nm ready to power and under control
  • 4,000 Nm of Nut Busting Torque and 3,000 Nm of tightening torque
  • Four power control modes with two featuring automatic shut-off (at 250 & 550 Nm of fastening torque)
  • Integrated Power Control System includes two modes which will stop the tool in SNUG or MID-POWER close the set values listed above
  • Productivity
  • Reduce setup time up to 15% compared to air tool setups, to get more jobs done in a day. Improve productivity and comfort for your operators with no air hose to carry and plug
  • 4 power control modes with 2 shut off (250 & 550 Nm)
  • High torque impact wrench battery leverages existing IQV20 battery platform with enough power for a full day of work
  • Provides superior ergonomics – Both batteries are nestled into the frame of the tool making it less cumbersome to handle
  • Durability
  • IP56 rated for use in tough environmental conditions such as fleet truck maintenance, oil & gas, power generation and rail industries. That means this battery powered impact wrench is protected from dust and particles in the air as well as powerful jets of water. That means this battery powered impact wrench is protected from dust and particles in the air as well as powerful jets of water
  • Impact- and chemical-resistant composite housing stands up to almost all fluids found in maintenance shops or on job sites
  • Capacity
  • Up to 250 bolts per charge – Sufficient capacity to tackle all the nuts and bolts in a full day’s work
  • Lowers overall cost of ownership by leveraging your existing battery stock – The W9491 & W9691 uses the same 20V lithium ion battery used across Ingersoll Rand’s entire line of IQV20 cordless tools


  • Model W9491-K4E
  • Drive Size (in) 1”
  • Voltage 2 x 20V
  • Fasteners per charge 250
  • Nut Busting Torque (Ft-lbs) 2600
  • Nut Busting Torque (Nm) 3525
  • Full Forward Torque (Ft-lbs) 2200
  • Full Forward Torque (Nm) 2982
  • RPM 890
  • Weight (lbs) 27.5
  • Weight (kg) 12
  • Length (in) 20.1
  • Length (mm) 511
  • Width (in) 6.9
  • Width (mm) 176

Kit Includes:

  • 1x W9491 Tool
  • 4x 5.0Ah Batteries
  • Dual Bay Charger

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 30 cm