Peerless Oilless 240V 3HP Scroll Air Compressor Basemount Only PS3/8OLB



PS3/8OL Single Phase Scroll Air Compressor: Oilless, Direct Drive, 15Amp, 3HP, 200LPM at 8Bar

Oil free scroll, no oil carry over – Class 0 air flow 200L/pm of air at 116PSI (8 Bar) in single phase. Dental, beverage, Medical, breathable, Textile, Printing industries and more.

Code HP / KW PSI / BAR Free Air Delivery
Dimensions (LxWxHmm) Weight Single phase
Tank Capacity (L)
PS3/8OL 3HP / 2.2KW 116PSI / 8 Bar 200 / 7.06 540x540x770 (Base) 110kg 15A

Technical Data

temp (°C)
Driving type dBa (+/-2) Outlet
Electricity Amps draw
(Full load)
Air cooled Ambient
temp +15°C
Belt driven 48 1/2″BSP 230V 13.3A


The Class 0 (Zero) oil less scroll is a single phase air compressor on a 15A plug. Class 0 is the ISO 8573-1 in zero oils. Well suited for highly sensitive areas of oil contamination from your typical oil injected systems. With oil lubricated systems to achieve this you would use filtration to get to this standard with on going maintenance schedule for element replacement to maintain a class zero (on-going cost).

Being a scroll, it demands to be worked, meaning it needs to cater for high air demands. Delivering 200 litres of air per minute at 116PSI (8 Bar). This would for example suit a dental surgery with 4-5 chairs.

Beverage industry requiring high air flow, this would meet your air requirements. Well suited to meet the high air flow requirements in peak times.

Fitted with an intuitive control panel which offers live feedback on key parameters and has a inbuilt fault finding and service interval alarms. Makes it simple to keep on top of your air system.

You can get this as a base unit – but requires a certified pressure vessel, or get it fitted to our horizontal tank as a standard feature (in images). Getting it as a base mount means you can put a pressure vessel in line where you’d like.

Extra Features:
Special internal coating to maximize performance
Non corrosive after cooler assembly – will not rust
High quality cabinetry with steel-insulated panels and extruded aluminium framework on a rugged steel base
Across the line magnetic contactor
Single or 3 phase
Air line shut off valve
Microprocessor controls
Super quiet operation – 48 dBa (+/-2)
Measurements on base 540 x 540 x 770mm (110kg)

Additional information

Weight 110 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 80 cm