SENCO 16L Low Noise Compressor

Built to supply you with a consistent, strong and reliable air resource to ensure an improved job site performance. The SENCO Low Noise compressors are the ultimate partner for all your pneumatic fastening demands.


  • Oil-free Direct Drive motors for less maintenance
  • Two cylinders with shorter stroke length produce significantly less noise than regular compressors
  • Low RPM motors for lower power consumption and longer engine life
  • Rubber feet/inflated wheels ensure silent and stable operation by absorbing vibrations and noise
  • Lower condensation reduces possible tool failure
  • Air filters with tubes direct air away from the machine
  • Heat is reduced thanks to fans on the motors and aluminium fins that regulate the Heat
  • Power: Electric 240V (4.75 amps)
  • Horsepower: 2 HP/1.35 KW
  • Tank Volume: 16L
  • Pump Type: Oil-less Low Noise
  • Direct Drive Air Displacement: 202 L/min.
  • Pump-Up Time: 74 Seconds
  • Recovery Time: 21 Seconds
  • FAD: 93 L/Min
  • Max Pressure: 9 Bar/130 psi
  • Sound Power: 68 DB LPA RPM: 1,400 RPM

Additional information

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 44 × 42 × 44 cm