Xpipe Beveler (WITHOUT MACHINE B10 / B15)

Bevelling tool for easy and fast machining of pipes from Ø 95 mm (3.75“).
The maximum diameter of the pipe is not limited, and the tool can be used on flat materials.
The unique mechanism of clamping, guiding rollers ensures precise and comfortable guiding around the circumference of the machined pipe or along the edge of the sheet metal.
The robust frame of the body of the tool guarantees constant cut with a minimum of possible vibrations and uncompromising stability of the selected bevel angle.


  • This tool is designed to work with B10 Electra, B15 Electra and B15 AIR bevelling machine.
  • The bevel depth can be set continuously, and the values read on the built-in scale.
  • Special one-way bearings for the roller shutters prevent any kickback when approaching the material, ensuring truly safe and comfortable beveling process.
  • The set removal value can be ensured, and a constant chamfer depth can be guaranteed even on a larger number of pipes.
  • Thanks to the unique, flexible mounting of the running rollers, the tool can also handle any unevenness and inaccuracies around the circumference of the pipe
  • Lightweight aluminum construction of the machine frame guarantees comfortable handling of the product.
  • Ergonomic, rotating handle increases work productivity and contributes to safe operation of the product.
  • The installed safety cover prevents dangerous flying of chips and the cover protects the operator from possible injuries.

Technical data:


  • Compactible with machines:


  • Bevel angle:

according to the milling head (30° / 45° / 60°)

  • Bevel width:

according the machine used (10 mm / 0.4“ or 15 mm / 0.6“)

  • Range (machining of the outer diameter OD):

> Ø 95 mm / 3.75“

  • Wall thickness (machining of the outer diameter OD):

2,5 – 15 mm / 0.01“ – 0.6“

  • Range (machining of the inner diameter ID):

> Ø 500 mm / 20“ (smaller Ø with special accessories)

  • Wall thickness (machining of the inner diameter ID):

5 – 15 mm / 0.19 – 0.6“

  • Minimum clamping depth: 80 mm / 3.15“
  • Feed: manual
  • Weight: 8,4 kg / 18.5 lb (without machine B10 / B15)

Included it the price:

  • X-PIPE Beveler (without machine B10 / B15)
  • Packet in a cardboard
  • Operating tools
  • User manual

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm